Aesthetic Soundscapes Productions

From raw recording files to heavy, deep                  and ambient songs




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(42$ per song)

Sound Design

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(35$ per song/per instrument)  

{This means that if, for example, you want guitars and bass edited for a song it will cost 23$+23$=46$}


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Drums/Keyboards Programming

(30$ per song)

Session guitar recording

(65$ per song)

{includes recording of 4 electric rhythm guitars, electric clean guitars, electric lead guitars}

Total bundle

{including editing/tuning of all instruments, drums sampling (if midi is used), keyboards sampling, re-amping, mixing, mastering}

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Free 60 second sample of the mix for the band. All you got to do is send me the tracks, listen to the mix before any payment and let’s start working together right away!


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