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Aesthetic Soundscapes Productions

Helping underground metal bands make their albums reality

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Music I Worked On

Selected Discography

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Ocean of Grief - Pale Existence
(Produced, Recorded, Mixed) 

Ocean of Grief - Nightfall's Lament
(Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered) 

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Rise To The Sky - Every Day A Funeral
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

Ethernals - The Gift Of Future
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

wot 2nd full.jpg

Winds Of Tragedy - Hating Life
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

The Agony Column - Away From Luciferian Claws
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 


Rise To The Sky - Per Aspera Ad Astra
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

Monumentum Damnati - In The Tomb Of The Forgotten King
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

beyond for ig.jpg

Beyond The Darkness - Noche Obscura
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

Withered Land - The Endless Journey
(Produced, Session Guitar Recording, Mixed, Mastered) 

Rise To The Sky - Death Will Not Keep Us Apart
(Produced, Mixed, Mastered) 

Rise To The Sky - Let Me Drown With You
(Produced, Drums Composition, Mixed, Mastered) 





Drums/Keyboards Programming



Sound Design

Session guitar recording


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